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Thread: ESN System to Control 4

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    ESN System to Control 4

    I need your help!

    I have a Existing Project That has Energi Savr Node System that has (2) QSNE-2DAL-D. and its working fine and and I want to integrate it to control 4
    what do I need to do? do I need to add lutron processor?

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    Hi Neoric,

    You don't need a processor but you will need a network interface if you need two way control. You'll need to use the qse-ci-nwk.

    Either in Telnet or your favorite terminal application Assign the NWK an IP address and enter integration ID's to both devices, then add integration ID's to each zone you plan on controlling. It's a little time consuming but very straightforward, fortunately Lutron have a really great integration protocol that lists everything every device is capable of (

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