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Thread: Flickering led when half dim

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    Flickering led when half dim

    Hi I have three recessed lights that did not turn all the way off so I installed a lut-mlc now two other rooms flicker and the room I installed the lut-mlc in flickers when dim to 50 percent. Any ideas??

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    What recessed lihgts are you trying to dim and which dimmer are you using? The LUT-MLC is NOT rated for use with dimming.
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    Use the LED/dimmer matrix to see if the lighting has been tested. If it's not listed, call Lutron and ask.

    Not all LED lighting is created equal, and not all will dim reliably with all dimmers. You should go into a situation with dimmers and LED lighting without checking compatibility ahead of time. Because after the fact the only solution may be to remove the lights and replace them with elements that can actually be reliably dimmed.

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