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Thread: Examples?

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    I don't think I am fully utilizing my RadioRA2 system. I have a few scenes, some events, 50 devices or so, etc.

    However, whenever I read about other installations I routinely find myself saying "Oh that is clever." If I am trying to do something I can search or ask here. But I want to learn more about what I can do that I don't know to ask.

    I have gone through the online training and there are some tips and tricks, but not much on best practices. Is their a repository of examples that people have done? I guess the easiest way would be to share the .ra2 file. Are there any security concerns with this?

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    A .ra2 file can contain integration username/passwords. I wouldn't share any that contain that. That an project files are 'whole project'. There's no way to import/export sections.

    The one 'best practice' to consider is how devices may need to be on the same repeater. If you're planning on any rollbacks all the devices in the area need to be on the same repeater. You'd generally want to have all devices in an area on the same repeater anyway, if just for easy organization in the phone/tablet apps. This becomes a little bit of an issue if you decide to expand beyond 95 devices. Like with shades and/or motion sensors. Then it's tedious to copy/paste/factory reset/reactivate devices from one repeater to another. If/when that happens you're very likely better off re-creating the entire project from scratch and re-activating everything. The time there is probably less that trying to 'fix it'. This isn't a 'bad thing' but it's definitely one of those 'know it ahead of time' kind of gotchas.

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