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Thread: Eco panel model selection

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    Eco panel model selection

    In selecting the model of eco din panel, I am stuck.

    -I am in the United States

    -Residential single phase

    -I prefer the main breaker MBR option

    -I do not want the feed through option

    -I am confused on how to select the panel options immediately after the panel size for my application.

    Can you help provide the following:

    -Panel type
    -Breaker type country code
    -Breaker size
    -Input voltage
    -Panel feed

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    Hello Lightingquestion,
    Thank you for your post.
    Lutron offers 2 panels for DPMs.
    These panels are UL listed for the United States. These panels are not currently in the software. You will need to add them as a line item.

    We also have an application note on mounting guidelines of the DPMs for using a non Lutron panel.

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