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Thread: Integration Configuration (ID's)

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    Integration Configuration (ID's)

    Hello everyone,

    I am in the process of integrating RA2 with an HAI/Leviton OPII Panel along with an RTI XP-6 and Panel App for several iPads. Upon reviewing the integration report, I noticed that the ID's assigned by Lutron do not seem to be in any sequential/specific order based on device location, name etc.

    In this particular project I have 48 devices (Keypads, Hybrids, Switches, and Dimmers). I am not sure if it even matters what the ID's are as long as I have them entered correctly within the HAI and RTI systems.

    However, my OCD of wanting to keep things organized/grouped together and seeing that the ID field is editable within the integration screen has me curious and wanting to gain an understanding of how the ID assignment is done. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone is able to shed some light on this for me.

    Thank you.

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    Don't know that there's any rhyme or reason to it. They do, however, stay with those numbers from one transfer to another.

    They'll change if you remove them and recreate them, as in when moving to a second repeater. So plan your device counts carefully to avoid that. This is only an issue if you want to do something like rollback on an 'area'. All devices in the rollback have to be on the same repeater. Otherwise any scenes, buttons or sensors can interact with devices no matter which repeater is configured for them.

    If you really want your head to explode, look at the dbxmlinfo report. It's not just devices that have IDs, buttons, scenes, modes and LEDs also have them. It's rather clever how it all knits together, even if it doesn't have a certain kind of numerical 'neatness' to it.

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