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Thread: HWQS Project constantly crashing.

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    HWQS Project constantly crashing.


    Im working on program using v10.4. system includes but not limited to

    4x 2-link processors
    112x paladium keypads
    40x RPMs
    11x MIs
    71x roller shades
    58x roman shades

    I am simply trying to move loads from one area to another. every third or forth load I go to move the program will give the "lutron has stopped responding and needs to close" message.If I hit "wait for program to respond"
    after a couple of minutes it will resume as normal, albeit briefly.

    As you can understand this gets very frustrating,

    laptop running windows 7pro 64bit, i5 2.60ghz processor, 8gb RAM

    could it just be the size of the program and my laptop are struggling to get along or is there any underlying issues within the QS?


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    Hello MatthewF,
    Thank you for your post.
    Please generate a support file while connected to the processor and attach it to an email. Please send the email to

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