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Thread: Caseta Wireless For Fireplace ?

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    Caseta Wireless For Fireplace ?

    HI there

    Trying to find a good way to turn on and off a fireplace using Caseta and pairing with Apple Homekit etc. Today I have an on/off mechanical switch and I know that Lutron themselves are saying they only rate their switches for CFL/LED/FAN loads but wondering if anyone has tried this and what the real issue behind using this could be outside of things like wireless system goes on the fritz and you end up with the fireplace on when it should be off etc.

    Again just curious as have replaced most other switches, plugs outlets with various smart wireless devices



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    You will probably need to setup a neutral switch and a relay. The control for the fireplace may also be low voltage and not directly connectable to a caseta switch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukeetal View Post
    You will probably need to setup a neutral switch and a relay. The control for the fireplace may also be low voltage and not directly connectable to a caseta switch.
    I am also very interested in fireplace control from Caseta. Initially thought I could just put in a Caseta on/off switch and be done with it but then found that the existing fireplace switch is just a low-voltage switch like you said. Additionally, there is no high-voltage wiring at the switch location :(

    There are two high-voltage outlets in the guts of the fireplace and I could intercept the LV control link there. I suppose i could then use the on/off switch with a pigtail to one of the outlets. Wouldn't be all that pretty but that wouldn't matter in this case.

    I guess my question becomes: what type of relay would I need to get for the output side of the on/off switch?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    Did anyone ever get this working? I also have a fireplace that utilizes low voltage for the on / off switch and I wasn't able to get the Caseta switch to turn on because of this.

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    I was able to get this to work, though with a much different setup than I was initially envisioning.

    The fireplace I was working used a low-voltage switch on the wall with a 2-wire cable between that and the fireplace guts (below the firebox). It also has 2 outlets in that same area: one labeled REMOTE and one labeled FAN. As far as I know, both outlets are always on and the labels are just for fun.

    Here is what I did:
    - Caseta plug-in lamp dimmer plugged into one of the outlets
    - Set this dimmer to switch mode (no dimming) - see Caseta Advanced Installation Guide for details
    - Plugged a 5V DC power adapter I had laying around into the dimmer
    - Connected the output of the DC adapter to the input of a relay. I used the Sunfounder 2-channel 5V relay module
    - Cut the cable that went to the wall switch and connected it to the output of the relay instead of the switch

    This solution does completely disable the wall switch but - in my case - it was in a crappy location anyway.

    Some other notes on this:

    - I got a 2-channel relay module since it was cheap and readily available but only one channel was needed
    - I was a bit worried about the heat in the area with the electronics but I measured the temperature of the dimmer with one of those point-and-read thermometers after the fireplace was on for a while and it came up at 105. The specs for the Caseta say the operating temp tops at 104 but it's been running for over a month now and - so far so good.

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    Lutron doesn't support the use of standard digital dimmers or switches (such as the Caseta controls) to trigger fireplaces.
    We don't test, nor UL rate, the Caseta controls on anything other than lights or fans. We don't have anything in the Caseta line that we could recommend for this situation.

    The closest thing I would recommend is the plug-in RF Appliance Module.
    We have the non-system MRF2-15APS-1-WH or -BL, which can only be triggered from itself, or with a Pico remote control.
    We also have the RA2 system RR-15APS-1-SW or -MN and the Homeworks QS system HQR-15APS-1-SW or -MN units that can be controlled from themselves, from Pico remotes, from system keypads, or from the Ra2/Homeworks QS smartphone apps.

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    Can you please post a picture of your setup? I am running the same exact thing, but I cannot get it to close the relay for some reason. I can get power to the relay, but it doesn't seem to close the circuit when it gets power.

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