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Thread: Integration protocol freezes up every 2-3 minutes

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    Integration protocol freezes up every 2-3 minutes

    I'm making a telnet connection to my processor, setting monitor, and all is well. I receive events from the lutron. As I press keys I get back the button events. After around three minutes, though, the processor freezes, not sending any events for maybe 15 seconds. Then the monitoring events resume, including the backlogged ones. This happens very regularly, every few minutes.

    For testing, I decided to create a socket server to receive connections from the processor, by creating an ethernet device along with a command set. Turns out that at exactly the same time the monitor telnet connection freezes, the TCP connection from the processor to my socket server drops. After a few moments the processor reconnects to my socket server.

    Note that otherwise this system is functioning correctly. I notice no issues when pressing buttons, etc. This seems to be entirely an integration problem.

    Any ideas?

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    Hello Siegeld,
    Thank you for your post.
    Please connect to the processor and generate a support file. This is located under the help menu then support. Send the support file attached to an email to for us to further investigate the problem.

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