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Thread: PD-6ANS help

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    Question PD-6ANS help

    I have installed the PD-6ANS switch in a 3-way setup. The only way to turn on the light is to press on, then pull out and push back in the FASS tab at the bottom of the switch. I have secured the wires at the other switch and installed the remote.

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    Sounds like the problem is with the light you are trying to control. What kind of light bulbs are in the light fixture?
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    Incandescent Sylvania 65W BR30 Dimmables. Could that be the problem?

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    You did not indicate if the set-up was with standard 3-way switch or a pico. If you are running the 3-way standard switch, there might be a programming sequence to tell the PD-6ANS that this is the case along with a slightly modified wiring for the 3-way switch. Have you checked for this? Tech support would be of great assistance if you have not contacted them already.

    I don't believe the lamps/bulbs are the issue.
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    I am using the PD-6ANS and a Pico at the other end. The pico does not seem to be connecting at all and the switch only works as described above. I tried once to contact tech support but I wasn't able to get thru. I should probably try again.

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    Sounds like it might be a wiring issue. Verify the following things.

    1. Make sure you twisted all the wires together that were on the 3-way switch (except ground) where the Pico is now installed.
    2. Make sure you connected the wire that was connected to the different colored screw on your other 3-way switch to the black wire on the Caseta switch.
    3. Make sure you connected the other two wires from your 3-way switch to the red wire on the Caseta switch.
    4. Make sure the white wire on the Caseta switch is connected to the white wires in your wallbox.

    If any one of these things is not correct, you will experience issues.

    For wiring assistance, see page 25 in the advanced install guide online. It shows a dimmer as the example, but the switch wires the same way.

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