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Thread: PNL 8 Location

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    Question PNL 8 Location

    I am doing my first HomeWorks installation in conjunction with my electrician. Is it acceptable to install the PNL8 Enclosures inside a garage against an exterior wall. They would be located adjacent to the breaker boxes but inside the garage by 8-10 feet. If there is some NEC Code requirement can someone share it with me so I may find a suitable alternate location.

    Thank You in adavance

    David Groves
    High IQ Homes of Texas, LLC

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    Your local codes and Lutron's product spec will help you decide. Lutron's panels should normally be in a conditioned (indoor) space, as the spec for temperature is normally 32 to 104 degrees F, in a non-condensing environment.
    Phil Scheetz
    Lighting Control Solutions

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    I did a job in Charlotte where the PNL5/PNL8/Processors (2) where mounted on an exterior wall in the garage (which is well insulated) next to the breaker panels; we did this because the homeowner did not want them mounted in any closets in the home and there really wasn't any good place to mount them (other than the closets). System has been up and running solid going on 3+ years with no issues.

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