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Thread: Caseta Occunpancy Ceiling

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    Caseta Occunpancy Ceiling

    Is there a Caseta Occupancy ceiling mount sensor?

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    Our ceiling mount Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensors (LRF2-OCR2B-P-WH) can be paired with Caseta dimmers in standalone mode, meaning once the sensor is paired with the dimmer it cannot be added to a Smart Bridge.

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    Thanks. Well since it is an occupancy sensor it really doesn't matter if it connects to the smart bridge.

    I currently have a levition occupancy wall sensor. I am assuming I need to replace that, correct? If so what switch do I use?

    I just want to detect motion better than what I am currently using.
    I don't need a dimmer since it is in my home office. The most important thing is I am tired of having to wave my hands every 30 mins to turn it back on. I am moving but sometimes not getting out of my chair.

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    Our ceiling mount sensor can be paired to any Caseta dimmer or switch, so you can choose what you want.

    Alternatively, if you would rather install one of our in-wall sensor switches that would work as well. Slightly different aesthetic than a Caseta dimmer or switch but less expensive and will do the same thing. Here are some choices on Amazon,

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    I have a Leviton in wall sensor now but I hate having to wave my hands for it to turn back on. I was thinking the ceiling sensor would take care of that issue. If the Lutron in wall sensor can detect motion like typing or if it has the ultrasound technology (not exactly sure the name) then I guess that would work. The price is fine. I just want something that works better than what I have now.

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    All our or sensors have patented sensing technology that we call XCT. You can read more about it in the link below if you want, but basically it's the best sensing technology available in the market. Able to pick up fine, minimal motions without the annoyance of false on's or off's.

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    Thank you. It says it needs an unobstructed line of sight. I have can't actually see the in wall switch when sitting. Is there a secondary motion sensor or something that I can place in a different part of my office. Well, do you think that matters since the room is about 200 sq. feet?

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    Hmm, if that's the case then your best bet is to go with a Caseta dimmer or switch in the wall and our ceiling mount sensor mentioned above.

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    Ok thank you. I appreciate your help!

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    Where are the instructions for installing Radio Powr Savr Occupancy (LRF2-OCR2B-P-WH) with a Caseta dimmer? I can't figure out how to pair the two.

    Note: my Caseta dimmer is currently paired with a smartbridge and I want to break this connection and pair with a Radio Powr Savr instead.

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