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Thread: Google Home

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    I just successfully set this up. Thanks for update.

    Quote Originally Posted by drhill View Post
    FYI, to go along with the Smartthing capabilities added weeks ago (which added Google Home capabilities via that integration) Lutron added native Google Home capabilities today. No scene control, but you can ask the home about light status. That's nice. Thanks Lutron.

    Home has "room" designations if you want to use them. It only allows one room per switch so they aren't "groups". Meaning you can't have a light in "family room", as well as "downstairs", and "inside". I got around that by setting up a virtual switch in Smartthings for "Inside" but using the "downstairs" room in Home.

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    I'd like to have both Smartthings (for day/night automation) and Google home (voice activation) both talk to Caseta, but it seems Google home gets confused when the devices appear twice, and becomes unable to activate most lights. So for now it's back to just Smartthings-Caseta integration, and having Google Home talk to just Smartthings.

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    OK, Google is now Live and working with Caseta Wireless.

    Please see link below:

    - - - Updated - - -

    OK, Google is now Live and working with Caseta Wireless.

    Please see link below:

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