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Thread: Replacement Drivers

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    Replacement Drivers

    Hi there.
    I'm attending a call out later. The client has explained how he has replaced three LED drivers connected to a DALI module on a HomeworksQS system that has resulted in all three lights coming on permanently and no way of switching them off.
    Can I ask for some help in identifying the best way to resolving this?
    I know this sounds like an incredibly basic question but I completed the course a long time ago and am very new to this so would appreciate some advice.
    Thank you

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    the dali address is assigned by lutron dali module, every time you replace you dali driver there is brand new adddress assigned by dali module.
    so you need to reprogram whole things.

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    Hello Gpack,
    Thank you for your post.
    If you require further assistance with this job please give technical support a call or send us an email at
    The newly added DALI drivers can add in as new without having to reassign the whole DALI link. The software will give you both options on the activate tab.

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