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Thread: mixed US/EU equipment programing

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    mixed US/EU equipment programing


    Its obvious that the Illumination toolbox for panel equipment is country specific. So is there a way to add i.e. a HR-VCRX to a european system? Serial number addressing an HR-REP-120 works flawless. But the HR-VCRX is not available in the 230CE toolbox. So is there a workaround - willing to send individual terminal commands if necessary?


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    Hello harricane,
    Thank you for your post.
    The VCRX is not available for that region if it is not in the toolbox. There is no option to add it in. We made them to talk in the 434MHz range, not for 868Mhz.

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    Hi Blair.

    Well, there are also some Illumination country settings, where you have 434MHz/230CE combinations (like Israel) and still can't add a VCRX. A little bit more flexibility would have been nice (like with the Shift+F5 button). Nowadays almost everything is available almost everywhere...

    At least you can program a 230CE processor with '120V country' settings without any issues as a workaround.


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