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Thread: wiring diagram

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    wiring diagram

    I completed a Lutron Homeworks QS course some time ago and am only now starting to get into a position to do something with it. On the course we mainly covered programming and not a great deal in terms of wiring the components.
    I am an electrician but this is still quite unfamiliar to me.
    Does anyone have a detailed wiring diagram that might illustrate how each element of the Homeworks QS system should be wired together to create a 'typical and varied' installation, starting with the enclosure all the way to each of the end points on the system.
    Specifically, which cables are terminated where, just to get an clearer idea and mapped out on my head.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hello Gpack,
    Thank you for your post.
    The best resource for the information you seek is the specification sheets. The Homeworks QS software BoM has an option to download the spec sheets based on your project layout. There is also other useful information in the reports center as well. We also have a tool on our website to look up documentation. Here is the link to the tool.

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