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    I'm new to this home automation and have HomeKit. I'm thinking my first purchase will be the Lutron P-BDG-PKG1W for the hub/bridge and a 3-way light setup. My plan is then to buy more dimmers (PD-6WCL-WH) and non dimmers (PD-6ANS-WH) as needed.

    Most of my rooms are all wired with a ceiling fan on/off only as the lights in those rooms were simply replaced with ceiling fans. I'd love to make the lights in the fans dimmable but know the fan can't be on a dimmer switch and the bulbs are all candelabra base. I don't want to run new wire from the fan to the switch.

    Why are on/off switches more then dimmable switches in the Caseta wireless world where dimmable is usually more expensive in the non "smart world"?

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    The dimmers are based off of other dimmers and that's what Lutron is known for. Simple fact that they don't make as many switches as dimmers, economy of scale. Wish there was a better answer, but that's the best I ever received when visiting the mothership.
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