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Thread: How to turn on garbage disposal

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    @smart_home_guy: The switch that controls the garbage disposal is behind you and right next to the switch that controls the dishwasher. So if someone were to flip the wrong switch while you were doing dishes, surprise![/QUOTE]

    I agree a switch on the opposite wall is a huge risk. That's why I suggested bypassing this switch and installing a sink-top switch at the back of the sink. It's waterproof and meant specifically for this application.

    To each their own

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    Quote Originally Posted by smart_home_guy View Post
    I agree a switch on the opposite wall is a huge risk. That's why I suggested bypassing this switch and installing a sink-top switch at the back of the sink. It's waterproof and meant specifically for this application.
    What he said, this is not something I'd see as appropriate for automating. I've had various home automation schemes for 30+ years and nothing with such grievous risk of injury or damage should be automated. I just this past week put in an air switch for our disposal. It's easily done. Drill out one hole and pull an air line to it. The switch fits in-line with a plug from the disposal, but any competent electrician (or even DIY with some thinking) could handle rearranging a hard-wired setup. Likely no more than $75 in parts, tops.

    No way in Hell I'd trust anyone's voice automation system to be able to react quickly enough when the wrong thing starts getting mangled. Not just fingers, but cutlery, stray bits of foreign matter (glass pieces, bottle caps, etc).

    I'd venture a guess that the electrical code would have something to say here too.

    Me, I'd lose that existing wall switch. Just bypass the switch and send power to the disposal. Under the sink, add an outlet to the line coming from the now bypassed wall switch. Put an air switch into that plug and put a fresh line with a plug into the disposal. This way you're' up to current code and safe. Just leave automation out of it entirely.

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    Controlling Garbage Disposal

    This is a really BAD idea. Think Safety. If someone in another room decides to ask Alexa to turn on the disposal while your fishing out a spoon, you may have a Real pain - in the hand.

    We once put a disposal on a Homeworks keypad, ended up taking it off the Homework system, and installing an Air switch in the counter.

    Quote Originally Posted by amrogers3 View Post
    I have several Caseta switches paired with Amazon Echo/Alexa and works great so far. Is there a way to get voice automation control for a garbage disposal?

    There is a switch on the wall which when you are in the middle of washing dishes you drip water all over the place walking over to turn it on. Real pain in the butt.

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    I had an issue when installing a new dishwasher in my home. New unit deeper and would not allow me to use the outlet behind the washer that was designed for this use. Had to run a longer pigtail under the sink. Turned out the entire outlet was on he switch, so the dishwasher only worked when the disposal was on. Made a plug in module with an old Maestro wireless, bypassed the switch, and covered with a 2 button Pico. Works like a champ.

    That being said, I agree with the people above, do not put this on a system. If you need it, run it as stand-alone as to not create a dangerous situation.
    Simple automation when DIY isn't working

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    Please Do Not Ever, Ever, Ever control a Garbage Disposal Unit with anything other that the Switch that was originally installed to control it. The Switch must always be reachable only by the person standing directly above the Garbage Disposal Unit and nowhere else. This is 100% safety related. You would never want to control a Garbage Disposal Unit from anywhere else than directly adjacent to the Unit. I don't think you would want to accidentally activate the Garbage Disposal Unit while someone else had their hand in there trying to remove a stuck utensil or anything else. Home Automation is awesome, Please let's keep it that way, Safely. Thank you.

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    Whilst its certainly possible to do this, and I have automated several high current devices with lutron switches and RIB relays (waterfall pump, pool pump and mister pump) Here I'd not use caseta. You can buy air operated push button switches that you can mount right next to the sink (through countertop or sink). These are waterproof & electrically safe and allow you to control a garbage disposal with wet hands. They work well and allow instant control. I'd never swap mine for caseta control. Sometimes simple is best (and possibly easiest too). Apart from the hole for the switch - its all plug & play.Alan

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    Hello Lukeetal, thanks for the reply. I am just starting with automation and not very familiar with a relay. Can you help me understand how this would work?

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