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Thread: Home+ App - Editing Buttons

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    Home+ App - Editing Buttons

    I'm having trouble editing the button type (from "Press" to "Toggle") on my hybrid keybads via the Lutron Home+ App on iPad/iPhone. Does anyone know a different method?

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    The button type is not an editable feature. You will need to have your programmer come and change with the software.
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    It would depend on the number of devices you have in your system. If it's under 100 devices you could complete the online training class and download the RA2 programming software. With that you could configure your system as desired. If it's more than 100 devices (two main repeaters) then you need to pay for and attend an in-person training class.

    Be aware, however, that mucking around with system configs is not trivial. It's not impossible but if you don't know what you're doing you could very well make things worse. There's a lot to how lighting is controlled that benefits from understanding a lot of little technical details. The amount of which most regular folks are probably not interested in learning.

    What might be worth doing is taking the online classes to see if doing any of this is within your level of ability/interest.

    That said, the advice to call your integrator is well worth considering. It's not the only way but it's probably the least time consuming to get your simple change made.

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