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Thread: Outlet to CC

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    Outlet to CC

    I have a client that has a semi detached garage, Chicago 4 story typical deal.
    They have a freezer in the garage, on GFI.
    I happen to have a Visor control in the garage.
    What's best way to provide CC input to the Visor.
    We have a 3rd party that will track the Visor input info and then email the client.

    Having trouble finding a good solution to provide the CC output from the fridge or just plug in 12V transformer with relay?

    The freezer had months worth of meat and was lost when the outlet tripped, and set for a week.

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    I've heard great things about Digital Loggers products. This looks like it will do exactly what you want. You plug the relay into an outlet, and there are NC and NO outputs that will open or close based on whether the device has AC power.

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