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Thread: Problem with Maestro CL Dimmer MACL 153M

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    Thumbs up Problem with Maestro CL Dimmer MACL 153M


    We have installed dimmers Lutron "Maestro CL Dimmer MACL 153M" (MACL-153MR-WH-C), in 3-way with Lutron Maestro "Companion Dimmer MA R" (MA-RR-WH-C).

    These dimmers are connected with recessed fixtures BAZZ FLEX4 - 310LPL7W (including a dimmable LED bulb BAZZ BGU07EZ, GU10 120V 60Hz 7W 40D 45mA 3000K 480 LM 90+ CRI).

    When we turn on these fixtures , they don't light directly, some of them fash/blink some seconds, and after all of them light.

    When these lamps are turned on, dimmable feature runs correctly.
    When we turn off these lamps, the fade off runs correctly.

    If we turn off these lamps, and some second after we turn on them, they light correctly.
    But if we leave more time between turn off and turn on them, the problem comes back, some of them fash/blink before they light all.

    Please, do you have any idea or advice to solve this problem?


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    GU10 120v LED MR16s are notoriously difficult. I believe the Lutron selection tool may only list a Feit that has been discontinued for some time. A neutral wire dimmer may help in this situation, but there was no spec sheet online for the bulb from BAZZ. If you are inclined to try, I would use either a MAELV600WH in place of the MACL153M or you could also try the MRF2-6ND-120-WH. I'm not sure wheter these bulbs prefer forward or reverse phase dimming. If you can get BAZZ to answer that, I would use the MAELV for reverse phase and the MRF26ND for the forward phase.
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