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Thread: 12v mr-16 led

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    12v mr-16 led

    I am having trouble finding a 12v LED MR-16 that works with a standard Lutron CL Dimmer. Can this be right? I have tried the new LED tool It yields nothing (only a 120v feit). has some but they either require a very expensive dimmer and/or very over priced LED that is very hard to source. Has anyone found a 12v MR-16 LED that works with a DivaCL or SkylarkCL in the $10-$20 range?
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    I have a contractor that swears by Green Creative MR16 bulbs. Specifically for RA2, but that's all they will use from now on.
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    Hello Lukeetal,

    Lutron's C.L dimmers are rated for 120V applications only. We would not recommend using these to control low voltage MR16 LEDs.

    Dimming MR16 LEDs can be a big issue since they are all being manufactured differently, and so the dimming performance will vary greatly from one to the next. Many LEDs on the market (including ones labeled as dimmable) have issues when placed on dimming controls. On top of that, MR16 LEDs are generally one of the toughest types of LED to dim. The issue with these lamps is due to the interdependencies between the lamp, transformer and dimmer. Only certain transformers work OK on a given LED MR16 and even then, only certain dimmers will work, and even then the MR16 lamps generally have some shimmer as you dim down.

    Lutron's recommended solutions can be found on the following application note.

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