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Thread: Sonos Pico and activation on Inclusive 10.4

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    Question Sonos Pico and activation on Inclusive 10.4

    I understand the Sonos Pico must be programmed through the Lutron Connect App, but I need to activate it on Inclusive first, don't I? But I can't see the new Pico there in the list of devices. Am I missing something?
    Same with Keypads, if I want to program the seeTouch buttons to act as Sonos controls, there is no such option to add Sonos as a controllable device on Inclusive, as far as I am concerned. Thanks everyone for any insights.

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    The Audio pico's do not get programmed in the software, just added to the system. Just add the pico as a 3 button raise lower in the software, activate it, then switch to the Connect App after transferring. I noticed that the type of engraving on the pico changes the way the pico shows up in the app. From the app you can choose between making the pico an Audio only pico or using the pico for both Audio and lighting. Note that if you use the pico for lighting and audio you can choose between controlling volume or dimming level, but not both.

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    Good insight, Lukeetal!
    This document may help a little as well:

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