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Thread: MA-LFQHW light swtich turns on fan on full brightness

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    MA-LFQHW light swtich turns on fan on full brightness

    I installed a MA-LFQHW kit on a Hampton Bay Hayward fan and when turning on the fan light on light level 1 - 6 the fan turns on as well and
    spins at a low speed. But when I use the lowest setting on the light dimmer switch the fan doesn't turn on. The fan switch works just fine when the light switch isn't on. Turning on the lights and fan at the same time the lights flicker. I double checked the wiring and everything is connected like the instructions show. There is a one black wire, one white wire, and the ground wire that come out of the ceiling.

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    Hello teepee1232,

    What type of bulb do you have installed in the fan kit? The MA-LFQHW is only rated to control incandescent and halogen bulbs, if you are controlling CFL or LED products you can see misbehaviors like you are describing.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    Hey Matt R, I have tried incandescent and LED bulbs and I get the same result with both.

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