I've had my Serena Shades installed for quite some time, and it's been frustrating that Siri only works part sometimes when we try to give it a command to control the shades. Turns out, it all depends on the language that we're using to raise and lower the shades. Since there's so little documentation on Siri commands with Serena Shades, I had to figure it out myself. Here's a spreadsheet detailing my testing:


I didn't get a chance to add the "to xx%" qualifier, but I'm assuming it works with the right combinations of verbs, locations and nouns. For verbs, there's open, raise to Open, while closing uses lower or close. For location, I tested using the 5 different types. Individual name, Room name, Zone name, Group name, and finally, the All qualifier.

My spreadsheet lists every single command in those combinations, and you can see why it's so frustrating.

- Open verb mostly works for everything, except when using the All qualifier with Shades as the noun.

- Raise barely works, and when it doesn't, it's because for whatever reason, that specific combo changes Raise to Rays, which isn't a verb.

- Close mostly work, but for some bizarre reason, it refuses to work with the All qualifier.

- Lower is weird, Shades as a noun doesn't work only with the room or zone location types.

So you see where my problem is, there is no single verb and noun combination that just works in all cases, so you have to be very careful of the words you use with Siri to get the proper action. Since I have a TON of windows through the house, we do need to be able to use Siri to control it at this granular level (ok well maybe not individual shade, except maybe in the kitchen with a single large window).

I've spoken with Apple support, and they say this is a Lutron problem, not a Siri problem, as their app dictates what words can be used and are acceptable. Am I the only one experiencing this? Or is this a general problem that everyone suffers from? Are there other verbs or nouns out there that others are using with better success?

Note that I have a large # of Lutron dimmers in the system, and they're all flawless with Siri regardless of what verbs nouns or locations I use. Never have a problem, just understands everything.