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Thread: Multiple Fan Speed Controls on same circuit won't work

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    Multiple Fan Speed Controls on same circuit won't work


    I have a 3 bedroom home. Each bedroom has a 3-gang switch box - 1 switch for the fan, 1 switch for the fan light, and 1 switch for some recessed lights.

    Power is fed from the board to the switch boxes in bedroom 1, 2, and 3 in order, in case that matters. I know this because I just remodeled the entire home and did the wiring myself (all inspected and passed - inspector said I put some pro's to shame with my work).

    In bedroom 2 I am having a problem. If I install a regular old switch, the fan works just fine, so I know my wiring isn't the issue.

    When I install the fan speed switch (MA-FQ4FM-WH-C) the fan will not work. I don't get any response from the switch (the led's don't flicker at all). I have triple checked my wiring, and it's correct. I have pulled apart the other two switch boxes (each with fan speed controls that seem to work fine) to verify I haven't missed someting stupid. I even had my wife look at them to make sure another set of eyes didn't see the problem.

    After convincing myself that maybe the switch itself was faulty, I called Lutron support and they sent out a replacement. Lo-and-behold, I install the replacement and still nothing... so maybe the switch isn't the problem. After googling endlessly, I see lots of posts about digital dimmers, and interference, and LED bulbs on the same circuit (my recessed lights are liteline 4" led's).

    I believe my next step is to pull the lights out of all three switch boxes and just install the fans to see if they will work. After that, my next step is to replace the dimmer with a different manufacturer (which will make my OCD twitch to have a different dimmer in one room)

    Thoughts? Can I be missing something else? Thanks in advance.

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    Hello cleon,

    Are you using the same make and model of fan/light in each room?

    Does the fan have pull chains to cycle through the speeds and turn the lights on/off or did the fan have a preinstalled module that was removed in order to install the Lutron canopy module?

    If you swap locations of the control in bedroom 2 with a known working control from bedroom 1 or 3 does the misbehavior follow the control or remain in bedroom 2?

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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