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Thread: *** need help with conditional ***

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    *** need help with conditional ***

    I am winding down to the end of a job, and we used QSE IO's for dampers for the bathroom exhausts, as well as triggering a fan on the roof. I am having hard time getting it to work properly even though HWSUPPORT has stated they've tested it themselves.

    Basically there are 5 contact closures for the dampers, and 1 contact closure for the fan. As it's written right now. On a button press it will open the damper but not turn on the fan, on the second button press it will close the damper and turn on the fan. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Would Help for me to have file however at first glance I would think you have the 2nd condition within the first condition Did you try taking the 2nd If statement and bring it outside the 1st if statement So basically it looks at the first if and says check damper if its open it close it if it is not open then open it and turn fan on The next checks to see if any dampers are open and if not it will shut the fan off I really think that 2nd if should start under the end if of the first condition.

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