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Thread: Plug-In Module Questions

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    Plug-In Module Questions

    If I configure the Caseta Plug-In module to be a switch (for non-dim loads), will this work with an LED Christmas tree? Per the advanced installation description, I would think yes.

    The reason I have some doubts is because of the way the in-wall dimmer works; it runs off of the hot and load lines only (just like the plug-in module), but cannot be converted to switch mode and cannot control non-dim loads. So why is this possible for the plug-in module but not the in-wall dimmer?

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    Yes it will work fine. I used for my tree last year. The only thing is that it doesn't dim or and off. It's just fully on or fully off. And there is a delay when you turn it off, as the module will attempt to dim the tree off, but it appears that any voltage at all is enough for the tree to be lit. So it take the duration of the "dim" before the tree turns off.

    I've since purchased two more of these modules for use with LED bedside lamps. The behaviour is the same as above -- fully on or fully off, no dimming, and a delay when turning them off.

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    There was a user last year that did this with cheapo LED lights from Kmart and was dimming them. He had to add a small USB charger for phones onto the module to give it enough "juice" to fully turn off the x-mas lights.

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