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Thread: Master Raise/Lower Time

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    Master Raise/Lower Time

    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone help me with extending the time period of the master raise and lower buttons on a pico and a HWIS-8BRL? I assume this would be system wide but I need to stretch that out for up to 30 mins(yes actually holding the button for that long to wait for the zone to ramp)

    Any advice is appreciated
    Thank you,
    Dominic Libertone

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    If this programming is for wired devices, to have the fade time adjusted for this length of time the raise/lower buttons will need to be conditionals. Each button would set the state of a variable to indicate what the last button pressed on the keypad was. On the raise/lower buttons they would be conditionals. You would program an action for each button that would have all the loads assigned to it that are also assigned to the corresponding button. For the raise button the loads would be programming to go to 100% with a 30 minute fade time. For the lower button the loads would be programmed to go to 0% with a 30 minute fade time.

    On the press tab of the raise or lower button there will be nested conditionals that reference the variable. Each state of the variable would run the corresponding scene. On the release tab of the button you would stop all of the scenes.

    Attached is a sample project file that has this programming on the raise button. For this example file the fade times are set to 20 seconds for testing.
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