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Thread: Homeworks and Ra2 work with Amazon Echo now

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    Homeworks and Ra2 work with Amazon Echo now

    Great! How does this work? Do we just set up the smart bridge for the customer and they do the amazon stuff on their own? I hope we don't need the customer's Amazon login because that would make things VERY difficult.

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    The Alexa hub is already linked to the Amazon account when is purchased so installers will definitely need the customer log in to begin the setup. Alexa also has to be trained with the customers voice. A lot of the Alexa gets set up in the Alexa app. I think it will only be a value add to very high tech and patient customers. I plan only to mention the capability, not try very hard to sell it. Voice commands are tougher than keypads or apps for most people. Alexa has different syntax for different features so if its only going into a second home expect text messages on Friday nights asking how to use it again.

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