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Thread: Which PowerPac to control 8x 0-10V LED drivers

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    Which PowerPac to control 8x 0-10V LED drivers

    I want to connect 8x EASEIC LNA-136 LED drivers to a single PowerPac.
    These 0-10V LED dimming drivers each consume 0.5mA control terminal of the current.

    Lutron offers two models:
    - FCJ-010 for 6mA of 0-10V control, connected to max 3x 0-10V or Eco system drivers @ $78 list
    - RMJ-5T-DV-B for 60mA of 0-10V control, connected to max 32x 0-10V or Eco system drivers @ $130 list

    I was wondering if I could connect 8x AESEIC drivers to the FCJ-010 as 8x 0.5 = 4mA is within the 6mA limit.

    Does the 3x driver limit mentioned in the FCJ-010 spec sheet only apply to the Eco system drivers, or is there a specific reason why I can't hook-up 3rd party drivers up to the 6mA control current limit?

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    Hello bvulink,Thank you for your post! The FCJ-010 is only intended for 0-10v drivers/ballasts and is not to be utilized for Lutron EcoSystem drivers/ballasts. The FCJ-010 is good for 6mA of a 0-10v load and 1Amp of switching. If your AESEIC 0-10v LED drivers are drawing 0.5mA of current, you could attach up to 12x of these drivers (12 x 0.5mA = 6mA), as long as the combined wattage of these 12x fixtures do not exceed the 1Amp rating for switching, which at 120v from the breaker gives you an allowance of 120 watts. This is typically why people need move to the RMJS-8T-DV-B (which is the replacement for the RMJ-5T-DV-B) which carries a 60mA rating for 0-10v and a 8Amp rating for switching, as their wattage exceeds the 1Amp rating of the FCJ-010. The 3x driver limit mentioned in the spec sheet only applies to the FCJ-ECO for Lutron EcoSystem drivers/ballasts.Hope this information helps! -JustinF.

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    Good Morning Citizen!

    Justin is mostly correct but there is a small irregularity which he missed. You can only have 3 fixtures max on an FCJS-010 ( page 6.Go with the RMJS-8T-DV-B as a solution to your issue and you should be right as rain sir. I'm off! California needs my help with Title 24!

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    I want to simulate LM 3404 in software like a proteus lab centre but this software does not support LM 3404 I want to use PWM to control the current from this IC, So please advise me which software we should use to simulate this IC.
    Project Dev Team

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    Hi PDU2019, we currently do not offer any software like this and are unfamiliar with what you might be able to use. You can always reach out to your local Lutron Sales Rep and see if they're familiar with a software like this, you can find your local Rep by using our Where to Buy page. When you use the search your Rep will always be the top option.

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