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Thread: Wireless Motion Sensor Caseta

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    Wireless Motion Sensor Caseta

    I am looking for a motion sensor to trigger a scene that contains mostly Caseta products via Apples HomeKit. I have searched and it appears it can't be done. Is that still the case?

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    I don't know if any solutions today. Elgato has announced they will ship a motion sensor for HomeKit later this year. However I would love to see Lutron's Radio PwrSvr line made compatible with CasÚta. This by far would be my preferred solution.

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    This would indeed be handy.

    Philips hue is releasing a motion sensor next month and it should hopefully work with HomeKit. If so, it could be used be used in the new Home iOS app as a "trigger". All speculations here, but I will definitely try it out once available as my set up is a mix of Lutron Caseta (20+ devices) and Philips Hue (15+ devices).

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