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Thread: GeoFencing / HomeKit (Home App) / Lutron App

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    GeoFencing / HomeKit (Home App) / Lutron App

    So im a bit confused. What is the proper way to make automations and scenes?

    Now that ios10 is released, should i be using the Home App in iOS ten to make my scenes / automations since it can talk to all the individual devices while the lutron app cant do all the things.

    For example:

    Close All lutron serena shades (6)
    Turn off All Lutron Caseta lights (6)
    Set Ecobee to 85* Cool

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    You could use either, Apple HomeKit cannot see the scenes or automations in the Caseta app and Caseta cannot see the HomeKit Scenes or automations. It does not create any issues if you use both for both Scenes and Automations but if you create redundant Automations you may drive yourself nuts trying to fixture out why something is happening etc.

    I moved my automations to iOS now that I am running iOS 10. Seems to be working well so far.

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    yea i decided to wipe all my stuff and start fresh with lutron having no scenes or automations.

    Since apple home app can see all the devices and lutron can only see a few this seems like the logical method.

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