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Thread: led electronic dimmer control

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    led electronic dimmer control

    can a dvwcl-153ph be used to control a led electronic dimmer?

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    Hello Marvin,

    The DVCL-153P is not rated to control low voltage transformers, power supplies or LED drivers. It is designed to operate screw-in line voltage incandescent, halogen, compatible CFL or LED bulbs.

    You can visit to see if we have the LED product you are inquiring about listed on one of our report cards. The report cards will provide compatible dimming controls, the amount of load each dimmer is rated to operate and the dimming range you will experience.

    If you do not see your LED product listed we have either not conducted any testing on the product to date or the testing results we unsatisfactory. In the event your product is not listed we would suggest contacting the LED or LED driver manufacturer and ask them for a list of dimming controls that they have verified are compatible with their product.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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