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Thread: New Home Install Issue

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    New Home Install Issue

    I just moved into a new house and I have AT&T gigapower service. This requires me to use their router. (I tried it in bridge mode and didn't work out). Every thing hard lined to the system seams to work except some of the smart items. The Lutron bridge is plugged in and hard line to the network but the app can't find the bridge. I have tried resetting it but that didn't work either. (It did the same thing to my Phillips Hue Bridge also.) Any ideas?


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    I have a FIOS router and did not want to setup my ecosystem on their setup as they can likely back door into their routers. I know, I am overly paranoid as anyone can back door to anything.

    So I got my own apple router for the internal network and used its wan port to attach to the FIOS router. Essentially a network within a network. So my internal router serves dhcp , wifi and all my hubs and devices connect to it. I turned off wifi on the FIOS network although the cable boxes still hardline to it via coax.

    so for the last 5 years it's been bullet proof and the only quirks being inability for FIOS apps to access my Dvrs for remote control , which I don't need as I use harmony.
    I have full control of my network and devices. Hue, Lutron, HomeKit, wink, sonos, Ifttt, Arlo , and all kinds of cloud services work fine. In fact I connected via hardwire a second Netgear to the Apple extreme in bridge mode and have strong wifi whole house.

    as an aside , I even connected my hue and Lutron hubs to the Ethernet ports on the sonos connect and all works well.

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