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Thread: Can a Pico Activate HomeKit Scenes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by smart_home_guy View Post
    I have been able to successfully trigger HomeKit scenes through value triggers (IE: when living room light = 1%, activate the "Evening Scene") But 1 out of 20 times, it fails to execute for some unknown reason. This isn't an acceptable level of reliability for me.
    I have also tried this with the same result, it either takes up to a minute to trigger a scene or it doesn't trigger at all. Like you said it isn't an acceptable level of reliability.

    I hate that I have my Pico Remotes either synced to a Staples Connect to control my Philips Hue lights and another set of Pico Remotes synced to the Lutron Smart Bridge 2 for the blinds and then I have to use Siri for all the Eve Outlet switches. Not what I imagined a smart home would be like.

    I emailed Lutron about this so they could hopefully open up their systems. I recommend other people voice their opinions as well.

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    I have voiced my opinion to Lutron as well. I really would love to buy more Lutron Picos for devices I can't buy a Caseta product to control.

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