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Thread: When is IFTTT coming to Radio RA2?

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    Just agreeing about being left behind. Strange third party botched integration is what we have here, like thermostats that can't even take an away/home event.

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    I agree we need IFTTT integration. I can assure you that the lack of movement here is not due to the people at IFTTT... it's entirely due to Lutron not making this a priority.

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    Still no Radio RA2 IFTTT integration, but even Hunter Douglas has it now for their PowerView shades. I am enjoying the Amazon Echo integration with RA2, but would be nice to be able to turn on certain lights based on IFTTT events. It shouldn't be that hard for the Lutron programmers to quickly add IFTTT.

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    Lutron apparently is subcontracting out the work being done for cloud integration. Or at least the mis-match between market realities and implementation makes it seem that way. It smacks of being built to specs (from some time ago) and being done outside, then reviewed by management droids that don't understand real world conditions/desires, but don't want to explain why the money they spent didn't result in a market-winner. Sadly, this is not a new phenomenon, it's been repeated countless times across many industries.

    It doesn't get better until someone in high up enough management gets the gumption to pull enough heads out of asses to get things back on track. Unfortunately many efforts fail long before that happens.

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    ANY movement on IFFT and RadioRA2

    Man, we just built a new house and put in RadioRA2 throughout and now I'm really starting to worry about how RadioRA2 is basically becoming a dead-end product. Can anybody at Lutron give me some hope that this isn't the case?

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