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Thread: Anyone running Essentials on VirtualBox?

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    Anyone running Essentials on VirtualBox?

    Hi -

    Is anyone running RadioRA2 software on a Mac using VirtualBox?

    I don't have any Windows machines, and my latest attempt to install Windows on Mac Bootcamp with El Capitan ended with an unbootable MAC OS partition and a full reinstall/restore. I don't want to try that again, so I need to set up Windows on a VM.

    VMWare Fusion and Parallels are also options, obviously, but if VirtualBox works I'd probably prefer to go that route.


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    Went ahead and gave VirtualBox a try. So far, so good. Network needs to be run in bridged mode (instead of NAT mode), which is probably the case with any hypervisor.

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    Just another relevant data point for this topic - I run mine in Parallels.

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    I also use Parallels.

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    Thank you for this! Changing it from NAT to bridged was key to getting it to work on Virtual Box.

    I have now gotten it to work on OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) with Virtual Box 5.1.8 and Windows 10.

    There was some other problems with multicasting and my router, but after turning on, turning off, restarting, somehow it all worked.

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