I am experiencing ghosting, or glowing of my LED's lights, when turning off my lutron casseta switch . The lights I purchased were not on the recommended lighting list, and I believe what I am experiencing is the bleed through amperage (5 milli amps) of the Lutron dimmer switch in conjunction with my, smaller than minimum, load is allowing my five lights in my dining room to glow when the dimmer switch is "Off", and the two lights to glow brighter when their dimmer switch, in my dining room, is "off" ? There is no ground in either circuit - old home. Lights and dimmer work fine at full power, and dim down fine enough.

Lights purchased : Sunco 4" recess LED dimmable lights


Dimmer Switch : PD-6WCL-WH

All switches were wired with no neutral connected. They interrupted constant hot wire from panel box, to the hot to my LED lights. Both rooms are on individual dimmer switch. Both have the same model of lights.

  • So, my question is who can I talk to about this? I've emailed Lutron today ( Case Number: 7755889 ).
  • Am I correct that my lights have not met the minimum load rating for the switch and the current is bleeding through to my lights and powering them on?
  • Is one solution to my ghosting using the Lut - MLC adaptive cap? Is the Lut-MLC a snubber circuit?
  • Then, if the lut-mlc is not correct what can I use as a shunt?
  • Will adjusting the trim help?

Lut MLC : https://www.jmac.com/Lutron_LUT_MLC_...on-lut-mlc.htm

Minimum Load rating : http://www.lutron.com/TechnicalDocum...ary/048487.pdf

Please advise I am not an electrician or electrical engineer.