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Thread: Apple HOME App iOS10 + Lutron

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    Apple HOME App iOS10 + Lutron

    Has anyone been using the Home App with Lutron Caseta, I know it is stilli in bed, but it seems to work really well for about a week, then the home app can no longer control the devices or scenes. The lutron app still works though.

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    I've been using it for a while now. It was a little flakey for me at first, but is not rock-solid stable. You may want to reset HomeKit. I use the Eve app for a good bit of my "programming" (i.e., scene/timer/trigger editing), but the Home app for day-to-day control.

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    Weird, im on beta 8 with an apple tv on the latest tvos as the "hub" and then the lutron hub. What happens is the Home App will stop being able to talk to either the app or the hub not sure how the protocol works. But it will get status updates so for example if i open the lutron app and open 3 shades... then open the home app it will says those 3 shades are open, but im not able to control them from home.

    Im thinking its something more than homekit / lutron as i run ubiquiti aps / switch and i know they have some multicase issues that seem to be bothering a lot of people ... but then again it will work and the one thing i notice is when i upgrade betas everything dies. So im prob gonna wait for gold master ios10 then reset everything and see how long it lasts.

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    You may want to check this thread...

    Here's the key passage...
    Quote Quote
    Problem RESOLVED!
    I just got a response from Zach at Lutron Support. He suggested I completely log out of iCloud from the Phone (keeping all settings on phone when asked). Then I waited a couple of minutes. Then logged back in to iCloud. Made sure Keychain was on. Went back into Lutron App/Siri Integration/Add a Home/Entered name of home. Success. the name was accepted. Added the Setup code. and Siri is now responding correctly. Out of all the things I tried, including the above suggestions I never though about logging out and back into iCloud. Thanks Zack, Lutron Support.

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    Yea I did the logout and stuff. Ill try again when I am home. Thanks!

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    I'm running the Home app on the live iOS 10 release. My Caseta devices don't show up. In the Lutron app, when I go to the Siri configuration it says it's already set up for a different iCloud account, which isn't true.

    The app suggests resetting the Siri integration by holding down the button on the bridge for 20 seconds. If I do that will I lose my entire Caseta setup, or does it just affect Siri/Home?

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    I have reset the Siri integration about a dozen times and never lost the caseta confirguration. It only resets the HomeKit info. Make sure you reset HomeKit in your iOS devices too.

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