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Thread: SONOS Pico and Integration questions - Alexa, Siri etc

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    SONOS Pico and Integration questions - Alexa, Siri etc

    Great news on the SONOS Integration !
    Some PICO questions:
    1. Can I use the generic 5 button pico as its $16 dollars as the SONOS one lists for 50$. Although I noticed early adopter special is $35
    2.Can I use any pico for SONOS - scenes etc etc
    3.Does the SONOS capable pico talk to the hub and the hub in turn talks to SONOS end points?
    4. Can I use Amazon Alexa voice commands to Lutron hub to operate SONOS, same question for Siri.

    regardless, really excited to try this out as I have many SONOS devices and I am using YONOMI and Alex right now.

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    Looks like we need an App update before we can add the Sonos integration

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    I am sure we will get one by the 15th when the audio pico is available . Hoping any pico works as $50 is pricey compared to $15 for the 5

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    From the FAQ for radio ra2 it sounds to me like any 5 button pico might work under Radiora2. I would bet with Caseta non audio picos won't work though. Pico's usually work for either system with the exception of shade pico's but I think there is a work around to make a normal pico work with shades. Just a guess though..

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    Looks like the Lutron SMEs posted a good FAQ in the Sonos thread in the General forum.
    Unfotunately ONLY an audio Pico will work. Although the new Pico can control other AV stuff aside from sonos that's in the compatibility list .

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    The way I read the FAQ the audio pico can only do audio and not do audio and lights or shades and audio, or audio, lights, and shades all at the same time. This is most likely because the programming that goes into a scene is too much a pico to do. For example the 4 scene pico do give 4 scenes. I look forward to finding out for sure though.

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