Hi All, Newbee here.

I have installed several Caseta dimmer switches, Pico RC, plugin dimmers and the Smart Bridge (Caseta Wireless L BDG2, Model # BDG-1). All lights and personal scenes have been programmed - everything is working fine and it seems pretty stable.
My ISP is TWC, but I own a new cable modem(only) - Motorola SURFboard SBG6580, connected to ASUS dual channel wired/wireless router. All equipment, including Smart Bridge works fine..until we had multiple power outages that occured in a single hour. Although Smartbridge default is DHCP, communications stopped between router and Smartbridge. Will setting a static IP address help? If so, what is the proceedure for doing so (I can easily set static IP from router). BTW, the SmartBridge was the only device that would not communicate.