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Thread: Solution to control an exterior fountain based on the outside temperature

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    Solution to control an exterior fountain based on the outside temperature


    I'm looking for advice on how to approach the following scenarios.

    My client has an outside fountain that he wants to come on at sunrise and turn off at sunset. That's easy enough. However, the added wrinkle is that he does not want the fountain to run if the outside temperature is less than 35 degrees, since there is a possibility of freezing.

    I'm trying to figure out how I can program this switch with both the sunrise/sunset time and make that dependent on the outside temperature as well.

    He is also asking if there is a way that I can program exhaust fans that he wants in his garage that will turn on and off based on the temperature within the garage itself. So if several hot cars are sitting in the garage, the temp rises, and the fans runs until things cool off. Then turn off.

    I've never seen anything that would allow a Radio RA switch to get commands from a temp sensor, but I'm hoping there is something out there for this. Both sond like reasonable requests from the client.


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    Hi Richard, for this you would need to use Homeworks QS and a 3rd party sensor that could change a relay state based on temperature. This way when the temperature drops the sensors can close a relay which could make a variable change state. Then the timeclock would need to be conditionally programmed so that it would only run if the variable was in the "warm" state.

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    If you just want to prevent it from going off in low temperatures, wire a temperature switch inline with the 8ANS (or whatever you are using to switch the fountain). The fountain will then only turn on if both RR2 and the timer switch want the fountain on. The only downside is RR2 may think the fountain is on when the temperature switch has turned it off. Also, the fountain may turn on in the middle of the day if it warms up (this may be desirable behavior...)

    Something like this:

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    Having a control system in place would make this possible and extremely simple. Instead of relying on equipment you could poll the network for the local temperature in that area and trigger any Lutron command or scene of your choice. The control system would give you the ability to handle the if/then scenario that Ra2 lacks. Great suggestions by some of the others, but you can stay in front of your client with a control system as he may have other requests. Systems like RTI and Savant integrate well with Ra2.

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