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Thread: RPM-4R - Address Switch Position F

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    RPM-4R - Address Switch Position F

    Have a client that wants to remove the switched outlet function from the system and make them always hot. This involves all outputs of a number of RPM-4R's.

    Is there any reason not to just have the caretaker change the dial to F on the RPM? Manual for the RPM states position F is to be used for "temporary" testing of loads. Curious if there are side affects to choosing this route.

    Alternative would be to install the jumpers in the block but I am not sure if they are onsite (even though the should be).

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    Hello totesthouse,
    Thank you for your post.
    You could activate the RPM dial to the all on position. Using the jumpers may be a better solution as you can bypass the RPMs to prevent any damage to the modules in the future from power events.

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