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Thread: Problem with LED Pendant Light

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    Problem with LED Pendant Light

    Hello, I am about to move into my new house and I have a Lutron Caseta system with smart bridge pro. I have two of these pendant lights

    Both are on a Caseta switch without a dimmer. The light has adjustable "temperature" for different light colors. WhenI turn it on with the switch or the app, the light changes its settings overtime. I would like it to stay on white light but it switches each time it goes off or on. Any thoughts?

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    There is not enough info on the site you linked to. How is it intended to work? How would you dim it and change the color without Caseta? What dimmer does the manufacturer suggest using? Most likely the solution would be to use the Caseta switch as a master power to the suggested dimmer but you may also need a relay in the equation. I need more info through...

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    I spoke with the lighting company, the light has two buttons the the top. One the turns it on and off and dims and the other adjusts the color. Supposedly, when you use a wall light switch to turn it off and on it always defaults to the yellowest light. The only way it remembers the last color is if you use the switch on top of the light. I find this hard to believe and if its true, a terrible design.

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