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Thread: Maestro (MACL-153M) lights not coming on/not switching

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    Maestro (MACL-153M) lights not coming on/not switching

    I've got this Maestro dimmer as the one and only switch on a chain of can lights I'm installing.
    I've been a good boy about killing the power to the circuit except for one time when I forgot, cut into the romex and I tripped the breaker.
    However, the LED lights on the side of the dimmer are not working and the switch isn't working.
    Did I fry the switch?
    Some info: 6-6inch cans each with about 9watt LED bulbs (for testing) and 1 small 50watt halogen which will be replaced with LEDs once installation is done.
    A pic of how I'm wiring is below and a pic of the dimmer with full power (notice no LEDs on!)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello zamboknee,

    Were the Maestro's indication lights working prior to the circuit breaker tripping? If they were it is quite possible that the dimmer was damaged during this event. The MACL-153M is rated for 5A while your circuit breakers are rated for 15A or 20A. If the breaker tripped it means the dimmer was exposed to a much greater current level than is was designed to handle.

    If you have another MACL-153M installed elsewhere you could try swapping the two units to see if the issue follows the dimmer. If this MACL does not work in another location that was working with a different control you would need to get a new unit.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

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