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Thread: Set default monitoring options?

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    Question Set default monitoring options?

    The Lutron Integration Protocol doc says this about MONITORING options:

    "Note to Integrator: The default values of these are set in the programming database and restoredwhenever the integration port is logged in."

    However, I have not been able to figure out *where* you can set the default values. I would like to have certain monitoring types turned ON by default if possible. Can anyone help?


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    Hello martopg,
    Thank you for your post. There is no option in the HWQS software to change these defaults to apply for every transfer. You can enable the monitoring type you want using the HWQS terminal screen after the transfer or the 3rd party can send the monitoring commands. I will look into getting the Lutron integration protocol corrected for the next revision, as long as this doesn't apply to another system that we offer.

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    Okay, would it be possible to add a feature request to actually get this option added? I would imagine that it would be helpful for people other than me. For example: if you use areas and phantom keypads for control within any given system, it would be nice to have that monitoring turned on by default (on that system) so you wouldn't have to turn it on every time you connect via terminal/telnet.

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