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Thread: W3BS Keypad Backlighting not correct

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    W3BS Keypad Backlighting not correct

    Hi, I have a (non-hybrid) keypad for which I ordered an RKD-W3BS-(color)-E engraved button set. Not a typo... this is an available option that Lutron doesn't really promote much... 3 spaced-apart buttons WITHOUT a raise/lower set. One of my favorite layouts. In this case, I'm using it to let homeowner set one of 3 timeclock modes. (raise/lower buttons don't make sense in this keypad, hence the W3BS layout instead of the W3BRL)

    It looks like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	botonera-de-3-botones-hqrd-w3bs.jpg 
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    The problem is that Inclusive software doesn't have the W3BS layout as a keypad option. I've forced it to work by calling it a W4S layout, which lets me program the "B", "D", and "F" button spots properly. So the keypad WORKS just fine... BUT, at night we can clearly see the LED shining through from the "A" and "C" positions (since those exist on a W4S).

    Is there any way to get Inclusive to properly program/show this button kit layout so that only the proper buttons have the backlighting turned on?

    Better yet, I wish Lutron would include this button layout option directly in the software (and on the PDF engraving ordering form. had to heavily modify the form by hand to get the order in.)

    Lutron tech support DID confirm that W3BS is a "standard product" (so you don't have to spend the huge money for a custom product) so I'm surprised the software doesn't allow programming it properly.

    Can I submit a request for it to be included in v10.3? :)

    Thanks for any help/advice on getting my backlighting to work properly here. (and I'm not against physically removing the backlighting from "A" and "C" spots if that's what it takes.)

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    Hi Josh, I have forward your feedback to our System Development Team. It won't make it in to 10.3 but they may be able to include it in to a future release of the software.

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    Thanks Mike. In the meantime is there any way to get the backlighting correct for this keypad?

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    Hi again Mike... checking in on this again.

    Hoping you can check if this is still something the dev team can try to work in to an upcoming software release? It's a valid Radio Ra 2 keypad configuration but is not selectable in the software for some reason, so it generates the backlighting problem described above.

    If they haven't yet added this, could you:
    - try one more time to see if they can schedule this change for an upcoming version?
    - or can you suggest any "modifications" I can make to my H4S by clipping or breaking the relevant LEDs behind the buttons? I'm happy to try it but am worried a broken LED might render the whole keypad inoperable or generate some error code.

    Thanks much for any help or advice...

    (that keypad layout is a great one that I suspect others would find useful if it was in the software and selectable on the PDF order form!)

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    The W4BS would be great too.

    I'd love to have the whole range of HWQS buttons for RA2.

    They fit, it'd just be up to the software to allow choosing them and backing it up with disabling the right LEDs in the configuration.

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