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Thread: Maestro & Downlight combo - Recomendataion needed

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    Maestro & Downlight combo - Recomendataion needed

    My story:

    I bought and installed two MACL dimmers because I like the way they look and the fancy dimming is neat, figuring I could find lamps to work with them later.

    I really like the look of the Hyperikon 6" LED Downlight, but reviews on Amazon and Hyperikon's own website indicate that they're not compatible with the MACL, however... Hyperikon states they can be used with the Diva, so I went out and bought two of those thinking I could use the Maestros somewhere else in my house.

    Standing in the isle of Home Depot last night I used the compatibility tool to pick out candle bulbs to go with the Maestro for my kitchen. Got the switch moved and the chandelier loaded up with 8 bulbs and found that they buzz. Going to the Phillips website I see that the Phillips bulbs will buzz with all dimmers except the Diva ELV.

    So at this point I've got 8 phillips candle bulbs I can't return and two Maestro dimmers. The Diva CLs I bought last night will go back to the store.

    I'm trying to figure out how to make my original plan work. I have two Maestro dimmers in my basement and I need retrofit downlights to use with them. I've looked at the compatable bulb list,,, and the bulb manufacturer's websites, and I can't confidently choose a bulb that won't buzz.

    I'm hoping someone can recommend a downlight that will work with the Maestro, quietly being the most important criteria, although looks and price could be deal breakers. I don't care where I buy them from.


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    Check for the Lithonia E-series downlights- should be available at Home Depot. There is a current shortage on the electrical distribution side.

    Also, TCP LED retrofits. I personally don't like how shallow the "reflector" or "baffle" is, unless I'm dealing with a very short ceiling. The TCP BR30 lamps are also a good choice (I'm going to order the Allusion series) and allow for regular type trims for existing cans (unless yours are Title24 in CA).
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    Thank you so much. I'll give the Lithonia a try.

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