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Thread: add a pico without any associated device?

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    add a pico without any associated device?

    Is it possible to add a pico to the SMB pro hub but not associate the pico with any device/dimmer? My reason to do this would be to have a third party app watch for button presses and act as trigger for activities that the third party app controls. e.g.: tap pico on button and tv turns on etc.
    Don't have a spare pico so unable to try this out.

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    Just tried a spare and added it from the IOS app. It asked if I was sure I did nor want to add a device and let me continue and save anyway. Now this unassigned Pico shows up as a device.
    So it seems to work.
    Curious on what 3rd party app and what your integration use-case details are.

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    Thank you very much for doing that.

    i would be using Simple Control ( formerly Roomie Remote) It does a great job of controlling Lutron Caseta ( all Lutron for that matter) as well as home Theatre etc. There is an option in the software to trigger activities based on button presses/releases. My use for that would be two-fold. I could use it for entering a room and with one press adjust all lights and turn on all home theatre equipment - tune channel etc as well as solving the problem others have encountered with leaving home/coming home scenes. Simple Control can mimic scenes from Lutron App or create its own scenes.
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