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Thread: Lutron Caseta System Compatibility

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    Lutron Caseta System Compatibility

    Does the Lutron LRF2-OCR2B-P-WH Radio Powr Savr Wireless Ceiling-Mounted Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor work with Lutron Caseta?

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    No it does not. It would work as a stand-alone solution with a Caseta Dimmer or switch, as long as the dimmer or switch are NOT on a Smart Bridge. You can have a Caseta system running locally, just not on the dimmer/switch that you want the occ sensor to control.
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    Thank you. In my home office and closet I had to use the Leviton Occupancy Detector and I want change to something that works with the rest of rooms/lights. Even though there is some movement the home office Leviton Detector goes after 30 minutes. Just not the best solution.

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